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Masters National Time Trial Championships

by Marcia Morrison Masters National Time Trial Championships: July 1, 2009 Weather:  mostly cloudy, mid to high 70's Division:  Master's Women, 60-64 Average Speed:  20.6 mph Time:  35:46 This year the race was in Taylorsville, KY.  Yes, it is a long way to go for a short time trial, but we make a 3 1/2 ...

Summer Solstice

by Marie Becker Towards the end of 2008 Pat Becker and I were sitting around trying to decide what our goals for riding would be in 2009.  Both of us were burned out from all the training for the Death Ride, so we decided not to do that this year, and ...

Lake Tahoe Prologue Free Day

by Paul Metz Don and Barbara from the "Alameden Cycle Touring Club" want to do some climbing on the free day in Lake Tahoe on the Prologue.  They haven't done much climbing on their tandem, and want to see how it would go. We get up a bit early, hoping to leave ...

July 5th Patterson Overdayer Ride

by Brian Chun Vince Cummings and Brian Chun biked from home and then merged at Landess and Morrill Rd. @ 6:15 am, starting from Milpitas, taking short stops in Livermore, Carnegie motocross park, and the Patterson Jack in the Box on Sperry Rd. Russ left much later with the Reverse Hamilton ...


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February 16th 2019
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New Goat Planned for 2021

Coming soon... Camp Pomponio BILLY Goat. Ride while it is green.
March 14th 2018
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Silicon Valley Bikes Festival May 6th

We need volunteers to staff the ACTC table on May 6 at Kelley Park! Volunteers get free admission. Please consider riding to the fest and help work our table from 11 - 1:30 or from 1:30 to 4. Contact the comms guy at to volunteer.
February 5th 2018
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2018 ACTC Appreciation Dinner – Register Now!

ACTC Appreciation Dinner is Saturday March 17! Register by Friday, March 2 for discounted price. Information & registration at
February 25th 2017
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2017 ACTC Appreciation Dinner – Register Now!

ACTC Appreciation Dinner is March 18! Register by Friday, March 3 for discounted price. Information & registration at
July 6th 2016
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2016 ACTC Olema Rally – Register Now!

The 2016 ACTC Olema Rally is a fun campout held Aug 5-7 this year. Information is at Register by July 23 at


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